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Process Flow

Foxconn late 2016

The Summary:

This process flow is a process improvement artifact for an enterprise organization, developed to help the new design studio and other partners understand what product planning and UX do, and in what order. Documents generated include wireframes, view maps, command scaffolds, and logical flows illustrating business/application logic, prototype code and assets, and final production assets.


The Issues:

Software product development processes at Foxconn did not employ Western best practices. In order to communicate with executives, stakeholders, partners, and with each other, systems needed to be put in place to support the process changes being made. We needed a visual illustration of an end-to-end design lifecycle to serve as a reference point for what could be done and when. This is what differentiates studio and production work.

A visual reference was also needed for colleagues to better understand when and where research should be leveraged.

Methods Applied:



Workshop Exercise

Artifact Creation

Primary Role:



Creator and facilitator of team workshop exercise to generate the diagram. 


  • AVP of Software

  • Product Planner

  • User Experience team in workshop setting



Visual illustration incorporating all stakeholder roles/activities, customer inputs, and decision points. This is a template that captures potential activity and can be easily modified for specific projects. Research is highlighted such that product teams can better understand how different kinds of research can support various stages of the design process. 

Released on December 19, 2016. Artifact immediately demonstrated its value in communicating all the moving parts in customer meetings.


Workshop Exercise - Artifact Creation

1 Workshop Exercise
Created space for group contribution in order to co-create a shared idea of process. 
Below is a photo of the whiteboard taken at the workshop at the end of the process creation exercise.
The act of creating a shared process like this helps team members connect the dots between what they do and how it relates to the work products of their colleagues. It also creates awareness around the underlying purpose for each of the many design and research artifacts that are produced. 
2 Artifact Creation
Generated a visual, digital illustration of the end-to-end design lifecycle, incorporating the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders and customers. 
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