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Second in a series of create > consume > curate projects, Music Hub is an example of 'Streams UI', a concept exploration for a content-first approach to consuming similar-type content from multiple sources. Music Hub uses popular music services’ public APIs and presents ad-supported, aggregated recommendations, listening history, and your local music library. From the recommendations view, songs autoplay for  25s as a teaser radio station. Tapping an item launches it into the player that recommended it. Our proof-of-concept prototype showed engagement opportunities for different markets worldwide.

Music Hub UI

Streams are content-first, ‘from’ everywhere presentations of aggregated content fully instrumented for data collection.


Connected services and ad exchanges are routes to sustained revenue:

- Display of content from competing services can be weighted by investment and revenue and data share agreements

- Architecture supports flexible business agreements and standard connection mechanisms


Users like the ‘everything in one place’ concept:

- Opting in to preference and behavior tracking gives users new features and benefits

- Most users use more than one service of a given type, for good and bad reasons

- Music Hub preserves each service’s unique features

- Users get unique display customizations and offers


Music Hub launches to a Splash page that is fed by rotation from connected services.

Recommendations (autoplays 25s/clips and supports ad slots) and History (look up the name of that song!) are aggregated; Local and Now Playing display local content. Streamed content calls the service’s player.

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